About Us

JointWorks Studio is the dream of Jane & Tony Clark, a weaver and a furniture maker.  We both have thought about running our own business for a number of years, and in May 2010, finally made it happen in sunny Tasman.

Studio and Workshop

The Studio and workshop

The studio and workshop are situated in the idyllic village of Tasman.  The studio at the front is the original store for the area, and has had life as general store, a cafe and a pottery shop.

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Artists Statement

”The yarns, the colours and the various weave structures and techniques come together, giving me inspiration, setting off my creative processes.’


I learnt to weave from my mother Anne Field who is an author, teacher and travels to the UK and the United States to share her skills and experiences. I have been inspired and motivated by her from a young age.

Having left school in Christchurch I set off on a science career in Wellington and spent a lot of my spare time weaving. I started exhibiting in 2000 at local and national level with Creative Fibre NZ. I have been a member of the Port Nicholson Handweavers from 2001 and am currently a ‘friend’ of the group.

I joined the Professional Weavers’ Network of NZ in 2006 and have been in two of their major exhibitions ‘LightWaves’ 2008 and ‘A Common Thread’ 2008 and one at a local level ‘Living in a Material World’ 2009 .

In 2008 I was involved in weaving a scarf for Victoria University. They had processed the merino wool using nanotechnology and wanted to show a finished piece of fabric to potential buyers of this particular product. The project was challenging in that I had a very small amount of yarn and knowing the cost and what was involved meant that I only had one attempt at making it.

In 2009 I had a commission for a film company to do a length of fabric which had to have a very specific look. It involved a series of samples and working closely with their textile design department under tight time restraints. An immensely satisfying project which involved a lot of time and thought.


I am now a fulltime weaver, and a partner in JointWorks Studio.  Eight months ago I moved with my husband from Wellington to Tasman village (between Motueka and Nelson) where we have set up ‘JointWorks Studio’.  In the studio, I have an AVL computer assisted 24 shaft 40 inch floor loom and a Mecchia 8 shaft 48 inch floor loom. On display is work that has been made on these two looms.                 


  • New Zealand Spinning Weaving & Woolcraft Society since 1999
  • Port Nicolson Weavers since 2001
  • Professional Weavers Network since 2006
  • Nelson Suter Art Society since 2011
  • FibreSpectrum since 2012


  • Canterbury Exhibition                                                                          1999
  • Port Nicholson Handweavers exhibitions                                          2003-
  • Creative Fibre National exhibition                                                      2004 –
  • Professional Weavers Network – Lightwaves                                   2008
  • Professional Weavers Network – A Common Thread                     2008
  • Professional Weavers Network – Living in a Material World         2009
  • Fibre Spectrum – Expansion                                                               2011
  • Professional Weavers Network – Flight                                             2012


  • Nano technology samples – Victoria University                                2008
  • Fabric for film                                                                                          2009



Tony began his furniture making journey in 2009, when he had trained at the Centre for Fine Woodworking.  This inspirational course resulted in the decision to take up the career of furniture maker.  Although new to furniture making, Tony came from a family of builders on his Dad’s side, and pattern making on his mother’s side.

Since 2010 Tony has been creating pieces for customers from the studio in Tasman.  Amoungst the pieces created are artist boxes, corner units, and outdoor furniture.


  • Nelson Guild of Woodworkers since 2010


  • Centre for Fine Woodworking Exhibition                                          2009
  • Centre for Fine Woodworking Exhibition – 5 Year Review             2010
  • Fibre Spectrum – Expansion                                                               2011
  • Nelson Guild of Woodworkers Annual Exhibition                             2011