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Chenille Wall Hangings

I have recently entered two chenille wall hangings in the Suter Art Gallery in Nelson in their Autumn exhibition. Only recently have I become a member of their Arts’ society after having put works forward for selection in March. I went to the opening of the exhibition on Wednesday and was so impressed with the works. This is the first time I have been in an exhibition with painters, woodturners, potters and other forms of art. There was such an array of work and took up 3 or 4 gallery spaces, there was heaps of people there.

They had the weaving beautifully displayed in the corner and the hangings looked good. I was worried they would look out of place with all the paintings but infact because we had our own space it didn’t seem to matter.

Here is a photograph of one of my pieces hanging in the studio. Unfortunately you can’t see the detail I had two shades of red and a purple both in the warp and weft it was fairly subtle but I was pleased with the outcome.

At present the new members of the arts society are putting an exhibition together which should be on display 1st half of June. I have one definite piece to go in but still deciding on the others.

‘Expansion’ – Exhibition

Today we hung our exhibition at Fibre Spectrum in Nelson. A busy and challenging morning as I have never hung an exhibition but have been involved in many group exhibitions but none on my own.  The exhibition is about the development and ‘expansion’ of skills having gone from part to full-time weaving. There are a couple of pieces where network drafting was used, a technique I haven’t tried before, a particular collapsed weave technique also not tried before. I used bamboo for the first time.  

It was so satisfying when all was finished to see the colours and mixture of different pieces come together. It has been a busy couple of months putting this all together and to finally see it was rewarding.

Tony’s work sits well and I feel that it is a joint exhibition even though Tony wanted to take a back seat and let me be in charge. I would like to say that the wood compliments the weaving but infact it does more than compliment it stands on its own as simply beautiful. I am very much grateful for all the work and time that he has put into the exhibition.

When we had finished putting it up and came outside there were are large group of people gathered for a minutes silence for the victims of the Christchurch earthquake. We stood and thought of the city that I grew up in, St Mary’s Church where we got married in (which is no longer), the Arts Centre where my mother has a weaving studio (sustained damage), all the other damage to homes and businesses and also to the lives lost.

The exhibition runs from the 1st March 2011 until 31 March 2011 at Fibre Spectrum