Well time for an update, time flies when you get very busy doing the things that we enjoy.  Over the last few months, a lot has happened.  We are busy and have not updated the website which is not such a great plan.


So Jane has been extremely busy at the loom.  She wove a set of tea towels just before Christmas, and they all sold extremely quickly. Currently she is creating another set. In August she also participated in the art expo.  The scarf and wrap shown below were part of this work.  The work she put in included alpaca / silk items, merino double weave and chenille / tencel.


From the workshop side it has been quite busy with sorting out the storage and making sure everything has a place.  This is to combat my natural tendencies to stack against walls…which makes the workshop smaller and less tidy.  So extra storage racks, turning cupboards into drawers, and generally sorting things out has really started to make the workshop a nice place to work.

Off note from the workshop

  • An elm dining table
  • A maple coffee table with drawer
  • An A3 artbx with drawers, lock and lift out trays