A year since I put anything up from the workshop.  One could be forgiven for thinking that perhaps I was so busy doing the studio, that nothing else was achieved… Surprisingly enough, there was plenty of sawdust created this year.  I was able to create some work which I was very happy with.

And here we are 4 months later… and this still hasn’t hit the web… best I press the publish button!

Elm Table

First from the piles of sawdust was a small table.  The customer had a large 1800 mm round table that simply didn’t fit in their new apartment style home.  We looked at cutting the table round table down, but that simply didnt work as the stand for the table was too large.  So a new table was required.  After some discussion we made a small table that could be put against a buffet, and when required was expanded with a drop in insert.  The expansion of the table was controlled by this runner set from Lee Valley.


Outdoor Table and Benches

I was fortunate to have a customer who wanted an outdoor table and benches.  It was quite a large table, 2500mm long and 900mm wide.  Made from Lusitanica it was designed to live under some trees during summer and then by stored in winter.  Fabulous way to treat your outdoor furniture.  Finished in Sikkens HLSe the table and benches looked absolutely fabulous.

Pull Apart Box

I have made a few of these ‘pull apart boxes’.  They are the results of a guild wood challenge a few years ago, and I have continued to make them  Recently I was offered some wood, and thought I would make one of these for the person who donated the wood.  But instead of a single wood, I would use two different timbers.  One wrapped around the other.