A while ago at Nelson Guild of Woodworkers meeting, David Haig explained about the Whole House Reuse project.  This project based in Christchurch, disassembled a whole house, and then gave the parts to artists who submitted ideas to reuse the materials.  Hence the name for the project.  When the team said reuse all the house, it is literally everything from wiring in the walls, to bits and pieces found in and under the house.

The project appealed to me, so I submitted two ideas for projects.

First idea

The first idea was to reuse some of the weatherboards for the outside cladding.  My thought was to change the weatherboard into a seat.  From the attached diagram, you can see the weatherboards are used across the seat as opposed to along.  I hope that when the pieces are all glued together the old paint will show as stripes on the seat.  The legs shown in the diagram, are not quite right so will under go a design change!

Second idea

The second idea was to appeal more to the children of the house (now disassembled).  Having always been interested in secretive drawers / hidden latches, I thought to make a storage box, with three drawers and a cavity on top.  The intriguing part will be the drawers wont open until the catches are released on the inside.  As a child, this would of appealed to me.  After I submitted this design, I also thought of a way to make the lid have a hidden catch two. The secret chest can be seen here.

The whole house reuse project has accepted both my ideas, and in fact have delivered the materials. As the each part of the whole house reuse project progresses, I will post some more images.