In the last post I talked about the Whole House Reuse project (WHR).  Over the last couple of weeks I have made some progress with beginning the bench seat.

Actually to be perfectly honest, I have had some assistance from Jakob.  Jakob is working in the orchard down the road, and finds the weekends a little slow.  Apparently there isn’t a heap load to do in Tasman in the weekend.  He is from Germany, and having a one year working holiday.  So Jakob is giving me a hand in the workshop, and in return he is making a chessboard and box.

So back to the WHR project bench seat.  The first job was to remove all the nails from the timber.  Part of the WHR project is nothing is wasted, so you collect all the removed nails, and the wood offcuts.

After removing all the nails, the timber was cut to length, collecting waste on the way.

Next step was to roughly bandsaw the bench seat shape into the weatherboards.  Then these were shaped on the spindle moulder.

So we have lovely stacks of shaped seat pieces ready for a moment in which I get to glue them all together.