The month of May has been a busy one with the cotton baby wrap completed, a black scarf in merino completed and pieces for the art expo started.

Baby Wrap

It began on a high note with the baby wrap completed. It was such a lovely project to do – the colours, the challenge of the double weave and finally getting the size right. I was delighted with the finished piece. It ended up being 71x486cm and weighing 1.8kg. What was quite good was the sample that I wove, was one repeat of the pattern, weighed 200g and the finished piece had 9 repeats so my prediction of final weight was spot on.

Black Scarf – Merino

I was asked to weave a black scarf which had to make me think how to weave it so that it had a bit of life to it. I choose NZ merino wool and used an 8 shaft pattern ‘Breaks and Recesses’. I have used this pattern with 4 different colours and it looked lovely but I realize now that you were only looking at the colours. When woven all in black the texture is more pronounced. This was such a quick project compared to the baby wrap.

The Nelson Art Expo is happening in August so I have to now start weaving. I have begun a list of ideas which usually morphs into more lists, revised lists, list of lists. But the first project on the said list is using some fine merino yarn that I purchased from DEA yarns in Levin. I haven’t used it before so I have woven a sample and it feels amazing. I am going to weave some scarves in twill (definitely within my comfort zone). I have some other ideas of what to do with it but I shall wait till these scarves are off the loom.

Queen’s Birthday Weekend the Ruby Coast Artists are having an art trail which Tony and I are a part of. With this in mind I quite like having both looms warped up so on one loom will be the twill merino scarves and on the other I will have some cotton tea towels. Usually we get more people through often it is weather dependent and everyone seems to enjoy themselves.

A drama that has been going on for a few months is my compu dobby box on my 24 shaft AVL decided to stop working right at the beginning of a long warp – it had that scary hot burning electrical smell. We have been going through the process of whether it is repairable and may I say shipping between NZ and USA is not cheap!! No, it is not repairable. The new box should be with us hopefully in June.