A Baby Wrap, Black Scarf, Art Trail and Art Expo – May 2017

The month of May has been a busy one with the cotton baby wrap completed, a black scarf in merino completed and pieces for the art expo started.

Baby Wrap

It began on a high note with the baby wrap completed. It was such a lovely project to do – the colours, the challenge of the double weave and finally getting the size right. I was delighted with the finished piece. It ended up being 71x486cm and weighing 1.8kg. What was quite good was the sample that I wove, was one repeat of the pattern, weighed 200g and the finished piece had 9 repeats so my prediction of final weight was spot on.

Black Scarf – Merino

I was asked to weave a black scarf which had to make me think how to weave it so that it had a bit of life to it. I choose NZ merino wool and used an 8 shaft pattern ‘Breaks and Recesses’. I have used this pattern with 4 different colours and it looked lovely but I realize now that you were only looking at the colours. When woven all in black the texture is more pronounced. This was such a quick project compared to the baby wrap.

The Nelson Art Expo is happening in August so I have to now start weaving. I have begun a list of ideas which usually morphs into more lists, revised lists, list of lists. But the first project on the said list is using some fine merino yarn that I purchased from DEA yarns in Levin. I haven’t used it before so I have woven a sample and it feels amazing. I am going to weave some scarves in twill (definitely within my comfort zone). I have some other ideas of what to do with it but I shall wait till these scarves are off the loom.

Queen’s Birthday Weekend the Ruby Coast Artists are having an art trail which Tony and I are a part of. With this in mind I quite like having both looms warped up so on one loom will be the twill merino scarves and on the other I will have some cotton tea towels. Usually we get more people through often it is weather dependent and everyone seems to enjoy themselves.

A drama that has been going on for a few months is my compu dobby box on my 24 shaft AVL decided to stop working right at the beginning of a long warp – it had that scary hot burning electrical smell. We have been going through the process of whether it is repairable and may I say shipping between NZ and USA is not cheap!! No, it is not repairable. The new box should be with us hopefully in June.

1 thought on “A Baby Wrap, Black Scarf, Art Trail and Art Expo – May 2017

  1. Michael Williams

    Hi Tony, we purchased an American white maple and spalted maple wall cabinet from you in April 2015. We love this piece and it goes really well with our cottage.
    We have built a studio at the rear and would like to commission a plan drawer / cabinet approximately 600d x 900w x 750 high. This could be made of similar wood without the spalted maple as this is probably difficult to obtain.
    Are you interested? Drawers could be about 80mm high on legs. If you are keen, could you please sketch something you would like to design and make around this brief. Dimensions are flexible as you ay want to eventuate a certain look.


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