‘Flight’ Exhibition

The Professional Weaver’s Network of NZ have their latest exhibition running. It was displayed at the Riverlore Gallery in Blenheim and it is now up and running at the Refinery Gallery in Nelson before heading off to Wellington to be displayed.



I have a piece in the exhibition called ‘Moths’. I designed the pattern in network drafting and the yarn used was tencel. I felt that the pattern on a lot of moth wings is some what subdued and I felt that the curves that you get with network drafting would work well. I have hung them such that they give the impression of moths.

 The Refinery Gallery is a lovely space to display this exhibition lots of light and space so that each piece has room to be viewed individually. I hope to have some images soon of The Refinery’s display of ‘Flight’ 


 It has been at least 2 years in the planning this exhibition and at last we can see it all come together.


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