This all started when Mary Furness-Weir came to me with her Maniototo yarn (a knitting yarn) to see if I could weave with it. The Maniototo yarn was triple knit and a lot thicker than I am use to. I was amazed at how much bounce knitting wool has and when I was winding the warp it just kept stretching. I made a child’s blanket and a scarf which had a lovely feel to them. Mary has them up on her blog Maniototo wool.

Mary has sourced the fleeces from down in Central Otago. She has had the yarn spun up and then she dyes the yarn. It is just delightful. You can read all about it on her website. The yarn is so soft and has very little of that prickly feel that you get with wool. She had some double knit yarn that I thought might be better suited to weaving and I did a trial warp interestingly it didn’t have the bounce or stretch that the triple knit yarn had which meant it was a little easier to work with. I asked Mary to dye some of this yarn up – Barn Red and Charcoal. I have woven a series of scarves which I am very pleased about, the colours look great together. Unfortunately I could have woven the scarves about a foot longer but apart from that I am happy with the weave structure (simple 2/2 twill) and the width. I didn’t want the scarves too wide as the yarn is quite bulky.

I do a lot of fine weaving and it is nice to have a change and use this yarn. I use a stick shuttle as the yarn is too bulky for my other shuttles. Its nice to get back to my roots.

I am hoping to get some more Maniototo yarn off Mary and take the opportunity to dye it myself.