I went to a workshop a few weeks back and part of it was about colour and microwave dyeing. I had heard about this process but I had never tried it. Always one for instant gratification I thought it would be a really good idea to give it a go. The workshop was given be Angela Meecham and it was thoroughly enjoyable.

I bought myself some Terri Dyes and have been having fun. I thought that I would try just the straight colours to start with and get my technique right before I start mixing the colours.

One of the disadvantages of microwave dyeing is that you can only dye in small amounts but I managed 100g skeins no problem at all and I will probably see if I can manage double that amount next time.

I have to confess my very first attempts came out pink but I have since been told when trying to get a red you need more dye.

My basic recipe is

  •  yarn
  • water to cover
  • slosh of white vinegar (provides acid for dyes)
  • Drop of detergent (to help dye take up)
  • Dye

Microwave for 20 minutes, stirring every so often, to get an even colour. When the water is clear, then it is done.

It has all been very interesting and feel that I will be taking this further.