We were able to get Mum’s loom out of the Christchurch Arts Centre last year. It had been sitting there since the earthquakes and my brother was allowed to enter the building and retrieve it, then sent it up to our place. We managed to clear a space for it and Tony has been putting it together for the last couple of weeks.

It was very sad seeing it for the first time, as it was covered in black grime, quite emotional – thinking of Mum and imagining her working at the loom. Tony got to cleaning the surfaces with sugar soap. Aprons washed, heddles soaked, beater re-furnished. There are still things to be done on it but we have attached the computer (or black box) up and it seems to be working.


I have a warp wound and ready to go when the loom is completely finished. I feel Mum will be sitting right next to me when I weave on it.