JointWorks Nelson Art Expo 1

Nelson Art Expo was held last weekend 116 exhibitors most of which were paintings but there was also sculpture, woodwork, jewellery, mixed media as well as our weaving. It was held at Saxton Fields which is a large sports complex which they very sucessfully converted into the Art Expo.

Sue Broad and I put work in together which meant we shared a space and also took turns being there. This helped with the cost and it was good support for each other. Thankfully Sue managed to take some photos otherwise we would not have had a record of the event (Tony who does all my images was too busy manning our studio to be there).

In the above image you can see that we had the two back panels and in the centre Sue has a very clever scarf hanger that you attach to the wall and arms come out to place scarves on. So I hung my scarves on my side and Sue on hers. We weren’t sure it would work but I thought it was the highlight of the display. Sue’s work is on the right and I am on the left. We also had three plinths which all helped to make it interesting.

This was the first time either of us had gone in the Art Expo and we both enjoyed it and pleased with how it all turned out.

JointWorks Nelson Art Expo 2

Above is an image of my wrap in alpaca (white warp) and alpaca/silk (black weft) which got a lot of comments and I thought looked good.

One worry that I had when Sue approached me about going into the expo was would weaving fit in with all the paintings (I had assumed at that stage it would mainly be paintings). I felt we needed colour as we might be overshadowed by the colour of other artwork. That wasn’t the case at all. Sue had done some beautiful warp painted scarves which were much admired. I decided to do some very colourful scarves in rayon chenille which I haven’t used in a long time but I thought the depth of colour is what I needed. I am glad I did as we had to place our work on black panels. I also did some striking black and white scarves which showed up beautifully against the panels.

JointWorks Nelson Art Expo 3

This is their website it is well worth a look at to get a scale of the event